Group Lessons

Whether you want to discover the latest trends on snow or improve your technique in your favorite snow sport, group lessons in a friendly and dynamic group, with an experienced instructor by your side might just be the answer you're looking for. 
Classes are available for all ages and from beginner to competitor levels, for you learn something new or just have fun. Group classes are also a great way to meet new friends who share your passion for snow. 
Our instructors will make sure you progress without letting you forget your on holiday.

Private Lessons

More serious about improving your skills in a short time? Private lessons with professional highly trained instructors will provide personalized training and ensure your personal evolution. Lessons will be adapted according to your progress and skill level.
Private lessons can be planned around your schedule, any day of the week. And, of course, you don't have to practice alone. Alone or in family, you will be able to choose your program and your rate/rhythm of training.


Discover the pleasure of the freeride!
Group or private lessons are available for those who would like to cross virgin snow and tap the secrets of the mountain. Get off the beaten path and make your tracks in the powder snow, in the safety and company of our guides. They will teach you the techniques and the precautions necessary to go off-piste, as well as insuring you know the essential information you’ll need in the event of avalanche.


Want to make the switch to Carving? Learn to use your carving skis correctly and experience a new level of skiing! It’s like having power-assisted steering for your feet. Discover this innovation with our professionals, in private or group lessons.


Feel your adrenalin levels jack up while you freestyle. The shorter and more manageable skis used for freestyle, allow infinite possibilities of mogul, aerial and acrobatic skiing that will take your breath away.
Some of the amazing feats you see others doing can be easy to achieve. Our instructors will help you begin or improve your freestyle.


Three to 8 year olds can participate in classes specifically designed for their needs.  Our monitors, specialized in teaching skiing to children, bring patience, dynamism and, most of all, attention to safety together allow your child to progress and have fun.