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e-health: visions and challenges

8 & 9 june 2017, technoark, sierre


e-health is one of the main issues of the 21st century. For its fifth edition, the e-health day will be the chance to discover Swiss and international knowledge in the field.

This year’s theme will be virtual and augmented reality for health purposes.
Virtual and augmented reality is a promising field and health is an emerging sector of application.

Virtual reality plunges the user into a three-dimensional virtual world in which it is possible to move about and interact; immersion is total and makes it possible to conduct simulations with great precision. On the other hand, augmented reality uses the real world to display information (in 2D or 3D) with which the user can then interact. These data appear by means of a specific device that can range from headsets (or glasses) to a smartphone, tablet or computer, and all in real time. It is a true interface between “virtual” data and the real world.

Medicine of the future will not be able to ignore virtual and/or augmented reality: treatment of phobias, addictions, depression, pain, simulation of surgical procedures, training of the medical profession, robotic assistance, therapies, diagnosis, rehabilitation and prevention are all potential applications in the health sector.

The use of these technologies is progressing rapidly in the health field. They contribute to more effective clinical and therapeutic practices. However, further innovations and technological advances are necessary to make these technologies more efficient and adaptive to the health context.

This e-health day will enable you to discover the latest applications of these technologies in the health sector, better understand how they will revolutionise the health of tomorrow, and initiate debate on the changes in practice they will lead to and their impact on the patient-doctor relationship.

The event, based primarily on the exploration and sharing of real cases, will enable all involved to gain a relatively exhaustive overview of the issues and challenges in this field.

The day is also intended to be a time for exchange and networking.

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